What The Lingerie Addict Means To Me

With Cora and Catherine of Kiss Me Deadly at an 'In Intimate Detail' signing event.

With Cora and Catherine of Kiss Me Deadly at an ‘In Intimate Detail’ signing event.

It is not hyperbole to say The Lingerie Addict changed my life.

My first encounter with the website was accidental. As a teenager who practically lived on Tumblr, I stumbled across a series of stunning photographs that linked to an article about studying lingerie design. That moment of discovery was like falling down a rabbit hole. Lingerie was not this distant, inaccessible thing I could just stare at longingly from a distance. It was a valid means of creativity and self expression…and ultimately, a viable career path.

This was around the time I needed to make a decision about what to study after high school, and something just clicked in that moment. I wanted to be a lingerie designer, and all of my efforts shifted to focus on that goal. It just so happened that shortly afterwards, Cora wanted to bring columnists on board for the site. I applied without thinking twice, suggesting my upcoming lingerie degree could be interesting for readers. Despite my total lack of industry and writing experience, I was invited on board. That was in the Summer of 2011, and I will be forever grateful that Cora took a chance on me.

The Lingerie Addict modeling a Karolina Laskowska corset for a shoot with The Togfather

It was a dream come true to have my corset modelled by Cora for this photoshoot with The Togfather.

Writing for The Lingerie Addict has brought me a wealth of invaluable experiences. I’ve been able to visit the biggest industry trade shows, study  – and even wear –  some of the most beautiful lingerie you can imagine, and developed wonderful friendships with some of the most talented intimates designers. The community around this site is one of the most beautiful, inclusive, and welcoming I’ve ever seen, and I’m incredibly grateful I’ve been able to play a tiny part of it.

I would be remiss not to mention that my own lingerie brand wouldn’t be where it is today without Cora’s support. Since my very first designs, she has championed and encouraged my creations. I am certain my business could not have grown as much as it did without The Lingerie Addict.

There aren’t really sufficient words to express how much I treasure Cora’s friendship. It has truly been an absolute joy to see The Lingerie Addict grow. To see Cora recognised as one of the foremost experts in the field. To see all of her successes. And to read her incredible book. Even though we’re saying goodbye to this website, I have absolutely no doubt Cora is going to go on to do amazing things, and I can’t wait to see what those are.

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