DIY Halloween Makeup For Makeup Enthusiasts And Newbies


alloween is just around the corner so now’s the perfect time to start brainstorming your costume and makeup ideas. Sometimes, trying out your makeup at the last minute is more confusing than creative. If you’re looking for a creative and budget-friendly way to elevate your Halloween look, why not join a million others in the realm of DIY makeup for Halloween? Trust me, you don’t need much. With minimal supplies and a dash of imagination, you can transform yourself into an eerie, enchanting, or even eccentric character.

These 24 cool DIY Halloween makeup ideas are as spooky as it gets…

Here are most of the DIY Halloween makeup concepts that are straightforward and easy to execute:

#1. Wednesday Addams

The iconic character, Wednesday is an easy-to-replicate DIY makeup for Halloween. With black lipstick, dark eyeshadow, and a stark white collar, you too can become a member of the Addams family. To enhance this look, consider adding a gloomy, Gothic-inspired dress.

#2. Bride of Chucky

This spooky character from the Child’s Play movies is brought to life with lighter foundation, intense black eyeliner, and vibrant black lipstick. Accessorize with a tattered wedding gown and carry a menacing doll as a prop.

#3. Ghost of Halloween

If you’re aiming for a minimalist yet eerie appearance, choose the classic ghost. Cover your face and body with white paint, and use black eyeshadow to create hollow, soulless eyes. You can also use a dark powder to contour your cheeks and jaw line for added depth.

#4. DIY skull Halloween makeup

The timeless skull look is achieved with black and white face paint. You can elevate it by adding some glitter or rhinestones to the design, making it more glamorous and unique.

#5. Mermaidcore makeup for Halloween

For an enchanting persona, consider becoming a Halloween mermaid. Apply shades of blue and green eyeshadow and sprinkle on some glitter. Complete the look with seashell accessories, a flowing, iridescent tail, and a corresponding hairdo.

#6. Mystical Avatar

To stand out with a distinctive look, transform into an Avatar. All you need is a blue face paint and pointed ears. Don’t forget the tribal-inspired body markings to achieve a true Avatar appearance.

#7. Halloween skeleton

Akin to the skull face above, but with more character, this Halloween classic can be created with black and white face paint, offering a versatile canvas for your artistic prowess. Add rhinestones or glitter to enhance the spooky effect.

#8. Black Widow

For a blend of allure and spookiness, dress up as Black Widow from the Marvel comics. Highlight your lips with fiery red lipstick, intensify your gaze with black and red eyeliner, and complete the look with a pair of spider earrings.

#9. Bloody vampire

Pay homage to the classic vampire with blood-red lips, dark eyeliner, and a set of fake vampire teeth. You can also use red food coloring to create fake blood. Dress in elegant, Gothic attire for a refined yet eerie appearance.

#10. Bad bunny

For an adorable yet eerie twist, try a bunny-inspired look. Cover your face with white face paint, add a rosy, pink blush to your cheeks, and don a pair of bunny ears for a charming but subtly spooky result.

#11. Betty Boop

Embrace a vintage Halloween makeup by transforming into Betty Boop. Red lipstick and carefully applied black eyeliner are key elements of this iconic character’s makeup. Don’t forget to style your hair into Betty’s signature curls.

#12. Freaky clown

Bring the circus to Halloween with a creepy yet entertaining clown persona. White face paint, vibrant red lipstick, and a colorful wig are all you need to startle and amuse in equal measure.

#13. Cruella de Vil

For a sophisticated yet spooky Halloween makeup, opt for Cruella de Vil from “Cruella.” Create a bold statement with red lipstick, precise black eyeliner, black and white hair, and a faux fur coat.

#14. Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat

Capture the enigmatic allure of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland with bright, neon-pink, and purple face paint, and add an elusive smile to your face.

#15. Spooky Jigsaw

If you want to go down a darker path, embrace the Jigsaw look from the “Saw” series. Use white face paint with red swirls on the cheeks to emulate the puppet-like appearance.

#16. Souless corpse

Create a chilling and gruesome corpse look with gray face paint, darkened eye sockets, and details like fake wounds and blood. Torn and tattered clothing adds to the eerie effect.

#17. The devil

Achieve a wicked and fiery look with red face paint, dark horns, and intimidating red eyes. A pitchfork prop adds an extra layer of authenticity.

#18. Voodoo priestess

Embrace the mystical and spooky side with voodoo-inspired Halloween makeup. Use intricate symbols, bones, feathers, and a tribal theme for an otherworldly vibe.

#19. She-Hulk

Paint yourself in shades of green and add muscle contouring for a Hulk transformation. Rock a ripped up a shirt to complete the Halloween ensemble.

#20. Zombie cheerleader

Combine the classic zombie look with a cheerleader costume. Use face paint and tattered cheerleading attire to achieve the effect. Then, add some fake blood stains for an undead twist.

#21. Slimey Venom

Get in touch with your dark side by becoming Venom from the Spider-Man universe. Utilize black face paint with sharp white teeth to create a menacing grin.

#22. Scary fairy tale character

Reimagine beloved fairy tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, or Snow White as eerie and malevolent figures. Dark makeup, torn costumes, and sinister accessories can transform these characters into haunting personas.

#23. Hocus Pocus witch

Draw inspiration from the Sanderson Sisters in “Hocus Pocus.” Each witch has a unique makeup style, so you can choose between Winifred, Sarah, and Mary for a spellbinding DIY look.

#24. Werewolf hunter

Create an easy Halloween werewolf makeup with fake scratches on your face. You can up the ante by mimicking a werewolf’s eyes with yellow contact lens. Pair this look with a rugged hunter costume, and complete with faux weapons like silver bullets, a crossbow, and a leather jacket.

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