48 Best Striped Sweaters for Women

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, chances are you’re acutely aware of how much the world is rapidly changing—from the constant deluge of “unprecedented” news events to the more subtle shift of leaves’ colors in the autumn. Like it or not, change is a continuous force in every aspect of our lives, even within more “trivial” matters like our closets. One could argue that transformation is a pivotal part of what makes fashion, well, fashion. It wouldn’t be the industry it is without the constant shift in trends, the changing of the guards at luxury houses, or even our own personal sartorial evolutions. But even with change being a consistent part of our lives and the fashion world, it can be comforting to have some things remain the same—hence the appeal of staples. 

If you’ve found as of late that you have a keen desire to press pause to find stability in an otherwise ever-evolving world, you’re not alone. Let us be clear: clothing can’t solve the world’s problems. But choosing to skip a few trends this season in lieu of something more long-lasting can bring you your own form of peace. Instead of succumbing to the pressure to keep up with the constant “newness,” it’s best to invest in great cold-weather staples—ahem, like the striped sweater. As cliché as this item might seem, this knitwear has become the item Parisians, Scandis, and Brits wear on repeat year after year. 

No matter what’s trending, without a doubt, you’ll see the most stylish people donning a striped jumper. Don’t believe us? Ahead, we rounded up examples of how the style set is wearing this knitwear. Plus, we rounded up the best 48 striped sweaters for women at every price point. If these knits don’t prove the appeal of having a few cozy staples on hand to get you through the changing seasons, nothing will. 

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