What Self-Care Looks Like For This NYC-Based Writer

1 p.m. — There are eight tabs currently open on my laptop, a few of which are for work, others for things I wish to buy: some new clothes, so many bedding websites, and jewelry. I’ve been eyeing a piece of “grown-up” jewelry for a while as a nice annual treat to myself for the growth and progress of my career this year. I’m coming up on the tail end of a couple of big, long-lead projects (which means long-lead paychecks) that I’m quite proud of. For every big career milestone, I like to reward myself with something my younger self never could’ve imagined affording. One year, it was designer boots, then a shearling winter coat, and then the Japanese ceramic dinnerware I’ve always wanted. Now, I’m on the hunt for a piece of jewelry that’s classically fancy in a way that isn’t an engagement ring — specifically, a tennis bracelet. It’s the most elegant way to casually wear so many diamonds in a row, you know? Shane Co. has a stunning 14k white gold tennis bracelet with lab-grown diamonds, a style I know I’ll wear forever. I add to my cart and quickly click “purchase” before I change my mind. It feels exhilarating to make a large purchase that isn’t also a tax write-off for me.

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