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By Lindiwe

Hi guys, I hope you guys are doing well. 🪴

So, I just want to have a conversation with you on adjusting to new environments or being introduced to new phases in your life and how you can adjust to these changes when you are ready.

There has been a lot of change in my life lately, and I have been through phases I never thought I would go through in just three months into the year, it’s also almost sweatshirt season and I have been looking at my favourite sweatshirts online – I am so excited for new weather and for a new season of transformation.

Adjusting to new environments can be very unnerving, you could have feelings of anxiousness and a lot of doubt and I have felt that three months into the new year and at first I did not realise the extent in which the negative emotions actually got to me and how they hindered my progress in those little transitions that I have been going through in my life and ultimately that led me to go back to my comfort zone and hide there again and just go back to the place where I do not grow

Well… that’s bad – I know and I have really criticised myself up enough about that and I have done all the work I needed to do to get over that feeling of disappointment about the reason why I went back to my hiding spot being my comfort zone.

And that leads me to the point of this blog, I felt deep shame that I went back to my comfort zone when initially I was led out of it for a reason. I felt very disconnected and I felt like I did not listen to God’s word and guidance and that weighed very heavy on my heart and I felt down for weeks on end and that is not how I wanted things to turn out for me.

But on the other hand I was relieved, I felt like it was a good decision because deep down I knew I was not ready for this change and I did not have strength to see it through, that was the comfort speaking though, I would agree to these feelings but that was the comfort speaking.

Adaptation is a process that usually takes time and the feelings of loneliness and doubt do not vanish overnight and that is what takes time, settling in and being alone with the decision that you have made for change is not so easy.

And feeling this way is okay and those feelings are normal and as I am writing this post it is a mental note to us that even if things change, you still have yourself as your home and even though your environments play a huge role in who you are, they should not make you doubt who you are and who you aspire to be.

It will take time to get used to different ways of doing things and to develop a new network of support and to get into the swing of new things. And you need to remember that the changes that you make today are for yourself and your development.

It is very difficult to do something different at first, there are so many obstacles to be faced, and confrontations to be made but what matters is how you feel in that decision. You may fail to adjust to new environments and new people, a new job, a new place, and that is okay, that is part of the process, but it will be worth it in the end. Because you have chosen yourself, you have chosen your growth and you have chosen your path to something bigger and greater.

Transitions are never easy and sometimes running right back to your comfort zone is the only option but remember that a new environment is an invitation of growth so you can be better.

So, I am writing to us to keep try to be better in the unknown, to learn and feel in spaces that feel foreign because that might be the start of new growth.

And that is all from me this week! 🤍

Take care! 🤍🌱

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